My Quick Mixbook Experiment: The Final Result

My Quick Mixbook Experiment: The Final Result

Last weekend, I sent you a short post about the quick “>photo book I decided to create with the online album creator on“>  Now I have the results, which is the first big plus for Mixbook.

I ordered the book around 8pm on Saturday evening.

I received a shipping confirmation email on Tuesday afternoon.

And I received the book in the mail on Thursday afternoon.

That's pretty quick!


This is my book, just as I received it in the mail.  The packaging was nice and durable, but still fit in my mailbox.  (The book is a 10″x 10″.  I'm sure that a 12″ x 12″ would be on my doorstep instead.)  All of the packaging did its job, and the book was in great shape when I received it.

By the way, I really liked that“> offers this 10″ x 10″ size.  I haven't investigated every photo book printer out there, but I haven't seen 10″ x 10″ offered before, and I really like this size.  I've always created 8″ x 8″ books in the past for my specialty (vacation, holiday) albums, and they just seem a little small for me.  Now that I received this book, the size is perfect.


I really also wanted to check out the print quality.  I know I've had some comments from a few of you that you weren't completely happy with the print quality with Forever recently.  (I just received the book I ordered from Forever last week in today's mail, and I'll post on that next.)

I have to say, digital photobooks are rarely printed like our old film photos were.  But in comparison with some other digital products I've printed, the prints in this photobook are pretty clear.  It doesn't look pixelated or “off” to me.

Overall, I haven't got one single gripe about this photobook.  I hadn't even started the book a week ago, and today I'm holding the finished product in my hand.  Coupled with the offers that Mixbook frequently puts out, I will definitely print with them again.


Photo books aren't the only thing that Mixbook offers.  A couple of months ago I tried a deal Mixbook had on canvas prints.  I had never printed a canvas prints“>canvas print before, and I had always wanted to try it.


I did this one in kind of a hurry, but I have a big empty section of wall space next to my staircase that I hope to hang a nice canvas prints“>canvas print on in the future.  (I need to do some better photography before I invest in this.)

If you haven't seen one, here's what it looks like from the side.  The photo wraps all the way to the back, so make sure you account for that when you create it!  (The things I'm learning from for you …)


My next experiment will be ordering photo prints“>photo prints from Mixbook.  I have some 12×12 pages I'm working on now, and I just had someone ask me this week where to get their enlargements printed.  At the time, I didn't remember if Mixbook printed those, so if you're reading this, now you know.

Mixbook also prints a full line of themed photo cards“>photo cards, including “>engagement announcements and save the date“>save the date cards, wedding invitations“>wedding invitations and wedding thank you cards“>thank you cards, and baby announcement“>birth announcements.  I've ordered Christmas cards from Mixbook in the past, and I wish I had shown those at the time, too.

Hope this helps you.  Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

Mixbook: An Easy Way To Make A Quick, Quality Photobook

In celebration of finishing my 2014 album yesterday morning, I decided I just had to keep the momentum going.  I really wanted to complete the album for my family's trip to Yellowstone last summer, which has been difficult for me previously.  I started it last fall in Artisan, but I just kept running into hurdles.

So, I decided to try an online book with Mixbook.  I've wanted to do this for quite a while, just for the experience.  Now I can say I've done it, and I wanted to share it with you.

It took me about five hours total to complete the 51 page book with 353 photos initially uploaded.  (I used about 2/3rds of them.)


If you've used an online site to build a book before, this will look kind of familiar.  You can choose a book style by theme, and then browse for the one that you like.


You can preview the standard book before you make your choice.  But the cool part is, you can switch themes anytime within the editor and mix and match the pages.

Once you choose a theme, you'll be prompted to add your photos.  You can upload them from your PC, or import them for a number of different sites like Instagram, Facebook and Flickr.


If you don't upload from that screen, you can still choose Add photos any time from the book editor screen and upload what you need.


Once you have the photos, the rest is a piece of cake.  It's drag and drop from the list.  Hover over the photo to see a larger preview, and keep an eye on the green checkmarks, which show that you've already used the photo.  It's that simple.


If you want to change the look of the page, go to the Layout tab and pick a new one.


If you like the photo layout, but want a different background, just click Backgrounds to choose a new one.  The backgrounds are theme specific, so if you change the theme, these options will change, too.


And, what would a scrapbook page be without stickers and embellishments, right?  We've got those, too.


Really, it's just that easy.

Like I said, I created a book using about 250 photos in a total of about 5 hours.  I'm pretty certain you could probably outpace me on that … I second guess myself a lot.

Two projects completed and ordered in the past week.  On to the next one … and the promised challenge.  I'll have details about that soon!

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb


Is It Treason? Or Reason?

mixbookFor those of you who remember me as the die hard Creative Memories Consultant, this may come as a bit of a shock.  Treason, even.

We were always required under contract to only promote CM products, and it was kind of a code.  And it has taken me a while to shake that mindset.  I'm still very particular, but I realize that more than one manufacturer could possibly produce a good product.

I admit it … I used Artisan to create a photobook, but I didn't order it through Panstoria.

Where's the loyalty?

What was I thinking?

Actually, I still love Panstoria.  And I do believe they offer a very nice, high quality product.  In fact, I have two more projects in the pipeline that I will be ordering soon through the Panstoria Print Shop.

But, earlier this week, when I finally finished my 2013 family album, I chose to order it from  I've been investigating other providers for a few months to make sure that I'm not just assuming that the Panstoria Print Shop is the way to go.  In most cases, I'm not incredibly impressed. has been the only other provider that I have really considered using.  So this is my big test.  My family album is the biggest project I produce, so it takes some faith to place that order.

I will admit, one of the clinchers for me was the price.  Mixbook normally prices their albums about the same as Panstoria.  But they very frequently have coupon codes available to take some of the sticker shock out of the final price.  I know that quite a few people I talk to love creating their books, but have a hard time swallowing the bill when it comes time to order.  That's why I really wanted to try out Mixbook.  If it's a quality book, like the one produced by Panstoria, it could be the solution for the digital scrapbooker with a tight budget.

If you see me at the Spring Cropping Retreat I'm hosting at the Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho later this spring, you can see for yourself how the two match up.  I'll have them both for you, side by side.  And if not, I'll have the pictures and the final verdict for you.  I'm hoping for the best.

Until then, Enjoy!

~ Deb