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Do I have to Upgrade to Pastoria's Artisan and/or Historian?

(January 29, 2014)

This is the biggest question I'm trying to answer right now.  Here is my understanding, given my recent experience.

If you are currently using Storybook Creator 4 and/or Memory Manager 4, and you had the software activated prior to December 31, 2013, you can continue using it right now with the update that links you to Panstoria's Print Shop offerings and servers.

If you did not get your software activated by December 31, 2013, you'll need to upgrade to Artisan and/or Historian.  Creative Memories' software can no longer be activated.

Is Artisan Different Than Storybook Creator?

To tell you the truth, No.  In fact, I downloaded the free trial version of Artisan, and it's Storybook Creator with an “A” icon.  The news feed on the welcome page is the same, the menus and options are exactly the same.  And what would you expect?  Panstoria created Storybook Creator, and Artisan is just the new name for the software going forward.

One cool thing: when it is time to make the switch eventually, Artisan will recognize that you have Storybook Creator installed and ask you if you want to import your content, settings and projects from Storybook.  It'll take care of the process for you.

One more cool thing: According to Panstoria, your Artisan license can be used on TWO computers, not just one.

If I switch to Artisan and Historian, will I lose my projects and vaults?

I hope this is a duh, but let me put your mind at ease: the answer to both is no.  When you install Historian, simple click Open another vault and browse to the location of your vault from Memory Manager.  It will open just like it did with Memory Manager, you'll still have all of the same features, and all of your facial recognition, tagging, stars, etc. are still there.

Artisan merges really well, especially if you install it on a computer that you previously had Storybook Creator installed on.  It will recognize that you are a Creative Memories user and ask if you want to merge your Storybook Creator projects, content, keywords, etc. to Artisan.  It will do the work for you and you won't even know that you're using Artisan instead of Storybook Creator, other than the new logo.  Really, no worries.

If you install Artisan on a computer that doesn't have Storybook Creator, no worries.  I've done this.  All of your projects and content are still available and can easily be accessed from Artisan. If you want specific instructions for your situation, email me and I'll help you out.

Are Historian/Artisan Compatible With Windows 10?

(Updated 8/2/2015)  From the most recent post I've seen on Panstoria's support forum, they don't believe there is any compatibility issue with the Windows 10 upgrade.  So far, I seen someone post mentioning that everything is working just fine.  I'll keep you posted here if I find out otherwise.

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