July CM Catalog Is Now Available

If you didn't get my email, I've decided to post some of my traditioanl scrapbooking information here on Deb's Digital Tips now, instead of on a different site.

I do this for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I've been a Creative Memories Consultant, and then an Ahni and Zoe Consultant, and now a Creative Memories Advisor almost consistently since 2002.  That's where I first learned Memory Manager and Storybook Creator and fell in love with them.  Because of that, many of the people who have followed me with CM over the years follow both the traditional and digital sides of the scrapbooking table.

The second reason is that whether you are digital or traditional, and I know many of you are very passionately one or the other, I don't know anyone anymore who doesn't take their photos digitally.  All of us need ways to manage and edit those photos to get them ready for projects.

And the third reason for the move is that Creative Memories has been offering some fun DIGITAL content to coordinate with their traditional offerings for about eight months now, and I love it!

So, just to be able to provide all of the information in one location, I'm merging my CM hat with my Forever/digital hat and we'll just have one big party here on this site.

To kick that off, I just wanted to share the link to the new July CM catalog which is available online now here:

And, if you're ready to order, you can do that on Creative Memories' site here: (my affiliate link, but you can choose your own Advisor before checkout if you work with someone else)


As always, I really appreciate you and hope you are having a fabulous week.  Enjoy!

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