Is It Treason? Or Reason?

mixbookFor those of you who remember me as the die hard Creative Memories Consultant, this may come as a bit of a shock.  Treason, even.

We were always required under contract to only promote CM products, and it was kind of a code.  And it has taken me a while to shake that mindset.  I'm still very particular, but I realize that more than one manufacturer could possibly produce a good product.

I admit it … I used Artisan to create a photobook, but I didn't order it through Panstoria.

Where's the loyalty?

What was I thinking?

Actually, I still love Panstoria.  And I do believe they offer a very nice, high quality product.  In fact, I have two more projects in the pipeline that I will be ordering soon through the Panstoria Print Shop.

But, earlier this week, when I finally finished my 2013 family album, I chose to order it from  I've been investigating other providers for a few months to make sure that I'm not just assuming that the Panstoria Print Shop is the way to go.  In most cases, I'm not incredibly impressed. has been the only other provider that I have really considered using.  So this is my big test.  My family album is the biggest project I produce, so it takes some faith to place that order.

I will admit, one of the clinchers for me was the price.  Mixbook normally prices their albums about the same as Panstoria.  But they very frequently have coupon codes available to take some of the sticker shock out of the final price.  I know that quite a few people I talk to love creating their books, but have a hard time swallowing the bill when it comes time to order.  That's why I really wanted to try out Mixbook.  If it's a quality book, like the one produced by Panstoria, it could be the solution for the digital scrapbooker with a tight budget.

If you see me at the Spring Cropping Retreat I'm hosting at the Ashley Inn in Cascade, Idaho later this spring, you can see for yourself how the two match up.  I'll have them both for you, side by side.  And if not, I'll have the pictures and the final verdict for you.  I'm hoping for the best.

Until then, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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