turn off onedrive sync

how to stop OneDrive from syncing your files

If you have purchased a new computer any time in the past couple of years at least, there’s a good chance that during set up you were prompted to login to OneDrive and then suddenly everything on your computer is syncing to OneDrive. That’s supposed to be a good thing, right? Well … I have

my recommendations for a phone upgrade

(Updated October 16 2023) Short and sweet: I’m not a fan of purchasing a brand new phone every one to two years, especially from my cell phone service provider. They make it easy, but often that can turn into paying more than you need to, IMO. For years now, I have been purchasing refurbished phones

All About Calendars

Artisan has an amazing calendar tool that has been part of the software almost since the beginning. But I’ve found that it’s a little known tool. Today I’m hoping to help with that. Hold on, this is going to be a long post. How to find Calendar Templates You can create a calendar from scratch

Why Where You Store Your Photos Is So Important

Before you purchase your next computer, consider this:

I’m still using the shadow copy feature in Historian 4 to back up most of my photos on my computer.  But what I’ve found in the past few years is this:  I always needed more hard drive space, so I would purchase a bigger external drive.  With this system, it’s up to me to maintain a separate drive or drives to store my photos and maintain an adequate backup.  To manage things I’ve split up my vaults to make them smaller.  But I always run into the problem of having to remember to plug the backup drive into my laptop periodically so my shadow copy is up to date.

And then there are the hard drive crashes.  Not one.  Not even just one per year.  In 2016, I had to reinstall Windows 4 times.  In 2017, I’ve reinstalled again four more times on two different laptops.  Just a few months ago in late 2020, I upgraded my laptop again.

Can you see where this is going?

Artisan 6

Artisan 6 Tips and FAQs

I’m so excited to be using Artisan 6!

But I’ve found that I have bunches of questions, and you probably do, too.

Here are a few tips I’ve found so far.  Keep coming back because I’ll add more as I have them.

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