These are a few of the posts I've done that include videos. Some are YouTube videos that I created years ago. More recently, I'm hosting my videos at FOREVER and you can find the links below.

simplify your photos challenge

This is an unscripted training series I made and released as an email challenge in February 2024. It's an easy walk-through to help you navigate the FOREVER site and learn the power of organizing your photos and videos with FOREVER.

If you'd like to walk through the challenge for yourself, start here:

Simplify Your Photos Challenge – Day 1

how to use FOREVER Valet

If you have a big bunch of photos you want to upload to FOREVER, Valet is the coolest tool. I shot a short video to explain how it works.

How to Use FOREVER Valet

my take on using template previews

You can always find the most recent How-to's in my Quick How-To's Album at Forever:

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