Forever Just Had Their National Convention, and Now There Are Tons Of Specials To Check Out

That was a huge subject line for me, so hopefully this hasn't ended up in your Spam folder. I just wanted to be really clear why this email is worth opening.

I'm kind of sad that I didn't make it to the convention this year, because I am so excited about Forever has to offer. (I think you've probably picked up on that by now!) But, they are sharing the love with a bunch of deals that run from now through the end of August. If you've read enough and you want to check it out right now, just head to and click on DEALS on the top. (That's my affiliate link … if you click on it and sign up or purchase something, you'll be designating me as your Ambassador. You can change that any time, or you can choose your own Ambassador at checkout.)

Forever After Party Sale

The first REALLY COOL thing about this sale is that ALL print products are 25% off through August 31st. PERFECT time to get started on early Christmas gifts, PLUS, you actually HAVE enough time to complete the project before the sale ends. I'm shifting gears right now.

Ok, my apologies for yelling in that last paragraph, but I was just really excited. :0)

The second cool thing, both software packages and a lot of new content are also 25% off. So if you've been waiting to upgrade or jump on Artisan or Historian, this is a great time.

But my absolute FAVORITE part of the sale?

Permanent Storage is on Sale, too!

Yea, you knew this was coming. Permanent Storage is on sale for the rest of the month, too. I'm about ready to need more storage, and I think I might be jumping on this one. Forever just upgraded their storage accounts and photos are now a little easier to find, and they are loading faster. There are a few more tweaks coming soon, but I'm finally at the point where I'm working from my Permanent Storage first, and then Historian is my secondary organization. (Partly because I don't access my photos from only one computer anymore.)

Hope you are having a FABULOUS month, and let me know if you have any questions!

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