How Big Is Big Enough?

Here's something that I hadn't thought about posting before.

From time to time someone asks me, “How big should I make my font so that it's readable?”

That's actually a really good question.  Here's why:  When you look at a 12×12 Page on your computer screen, especially if it's a laptop screen, it is condensing that page down to about 40% or so of its real size.  Doesn't it stand to reason that at that ratio a 12 pt font would look like about a 5 or 6?

So, this is the quick trick to find out what your text will look like on the page.

Look down at the bottom left of the Storybook Creator window.  You're looking for a percentage, like this.

If you click on that percentage, a list pops up that will allow you to choose a different percentage, like this:

If you click on 100%, it will show you the true size of the elements on your page.  (Of course, the whole page will be bigger than your screen can show, so you may have to use the scroll bars to navigate around the page to view different parts, but it will show you what that 12 pt font will really look like.)

When you're ready to view the whole page on your screen again, just click the box with the arrows pointing in all 4 directions.

One more good rule of thumb:  (I got this from someone in the graphic design industry)

Your regular journaling font doesn't need to be bigger than 12 pt. Much of what you read daily is that size or smaller.  And make sure it's a font that easily readable.  Save those fabulously fun fonts for titles and accents.


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