New Formal Alpha Shapes

As you may or may not know, Creative Memories releases new digital content for use in Storybook Creator Plus each and every month.  This month (February 2010), they released something that I initially thought was just another Alpha Set (Fancy Font).

However, if I would have taken a few extra seconds to read the name, this is the new Formal Digital Alpha SHAPES.  That distinction is important.  Here's why.

As shapes, each of these letters is an individual element and can be cut from any paper, in any section.  You choose.  With Alpha Sets, you can fill them with paper, but it always fills from the top left.  No exceptions.

These shapes are also much easier to resize and use as you like.  It's actually a pretty fun way to add letter art to a page or project.  Give it a try!

To check it out, you can view it on my site, or go to your consultant's site and look for Shop Products > New Products > February New Products > Formal Digital Alpha Shapes.

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