What’s the Difference Between A Kit And An Addition?

What's the difference between Digital Power Palettes, Digital Kits, and Digital Embellishments?  I get asked this question all the time, and there's a definite reason for that.  It's a bit confusing!

So, here's the explanation.  If you happen to have a catalog on hand, it might be a great tool as you look through this post.  If not, you can follow along by clicking on the links below, which will show you what these are on my website.

  • Digital Power Palettes – These are a digital version of the Power Palette sets that Creative Memories has for traditional scrapbooking.  Each of these packages includes a large number of coordinating digital papers, both tone-on-tone and designer, “stickers” and other embellishments, word stickers, and sometimes coordinating alpha sets.  Something to keep in mind, Power Palettes are based on specific color schemes, and are not theme specifc.  They can be used for a variety of different types of pages.  These are only available for use in Storybook Creator Plus.  Digital Power Palettes are $9.95 each.
  • Digital Pre-Designed Pages – These are great!  Each package is a set of 30 pages that a professional designer has put together for you.  There's no need to make all of those design decisions, you can just drag and drop and finish.  These pages come in all sorts of different themes and palettes, whatever suits your needs.  They're available for use in the free version of Storybook Creator as well as Storybook Creator Plus.  Digital Pre-Designed Pages are $7.95 each.
  • Digital Additions – These are just like their traditional scrapbooking counterparts.  Usually they are made to coordinate with a specific Power Palette, and they provide more theme specific papers and embellishments.  These packages usually have about 4 different papers and coordinating embellishments and titles for themes like birthday, Easter, summer, etc.  Again, these are only for use in Storybook Creator Plus, and they are $4.95 each.
  • Digital Kits – I have to admit, this is probably the most confusing name.  These packages are usually pretty similar to Digital Power Palettes – they have lots of digital papers, stickers and titles.  The main difference is that these packages are patterned after special paper sets and are often a little more themed, like Christmas or Vacation.  They are only for use in Storybook Creator Plus.  These are $7.95 each.
  • Digital Embellishments – These are just packages of extra fun elements to use on your pages.  Often, these are unique to digital … they don't have a traditional scrapbooking counterpart.  They install in the Content section under Embellishments and represent fun things like buttons, brads, stitches and office supplies.  If you ever need to add a post-it note to a page, this is where you'll find it.  Digital Embellishments are $5.95 each.
  • Free Downloadable Themes – These are also Pre-Designed Pages that Creative Memories has provided for your use free of charge.  If you use them in Storybook Creator Plus, you can move the individual elements around and tweak things as you like.

Here's the most important thing to remember:

  1. Digital Power Palettes, Additions, Kits and Embellishments are all found under the Content tab on the right side in Storybook Creator Plus.  These will not work in the free version.
  2. Digital Pre-Designed Pages and Free Downloadable Themes are full pages and are found under Add Page, or Change This Page (when you want to add one or change the one that's showing).

I hope this helped!  Let me know if it needs more explanation …  Enjoy!

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