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So far this summer, my personal theme would be GRATITUDE.  I have been so thankful for so many things, especially the time I've been able to spend with my family.

I'm also very grateful that I have albums to show for these memories that my family is making.  I've spoken to so many people lately who tell me their photos are on their computer.  That's where it ends.  On the computer.

My husband's friend came by with his kids last night and he was admiring our family calendar with the photos added into each person's birthday.  He asked if I would do that for others because he really wished that his family had something like that.

Later, when my husband asked what our son looked like when he was the same age as his friend's toddler, I just pulled an album off of the shelf to show him.  This made me realize that  I want this for everyone I know.

It makes me feel so sad when I talk with people who are enjoying their lives with their families, but the family album they have lives in Mobile Uploads on Facebook.  When their now ten-year-old daughter gets married in 12 years, will they even have childhood photos to display?  (Will we still have Facebook in 12 years?)

Because of all of these recent encounters, I've moved a bit further on my soul-searching for Debs Digital Tips.  I am ready to go all in, and I've let go of my last big hurdle.  This means that you may see some changes coming here over the summer.  I will still be posting, in fact, probably more, and I'll be working up some events.

The biggest thing, though, is my focus.  For the past six years, my focus has mainly been on Artisan and Historian (or Storybook Creator and Memory Manager), and how to use them.  Those things aren't going away, but they won't be exclusive.

The focus now is going to be …

simple ways to enjoy your life, take the best photos of it, and keep the memories, without making things complicated.

Sound too idealistic?  Maybe.  But that's what I'm going for, and yes, sometimes I'm an idealist.  I have a mentality that says, “If I want to do it, I'm going to find a way.”

So, with that said, please decide if you want to stick with me.  Maybe you've got loyalty issues like I've had, and I understand that.  I'm not abandoning Artisan and Historian.  They are still my go-to programs.  But the real goal is to get those memories saved in a way that isn't going to die when Facebook goes the way of the dinosaur or your computer or phone sudden won't boot.  I want to share simple, doable digital scrapbooking.

If you decide to stick with me, I appreciate it.  My number one goal is to help you keep it simple and get it done.  Please let me know when I'm not hitting that mark, and if there's a way that I can simplify things for you.

Until the next time … Enjoy!

~ Deb

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