Selfie Stick Experiment #1

Happy girl making selfie with her boyfriend near by

For weeks, I've passed a huge selfie stick display at the store when I've done my grocery shopping.  (I'm not the most organized shopper, so I spend a lot of time in my favorite store.)

Well, just before 4th of July weekend, I decided I had to give a selfie stick a try.  For those of you who know me, I have a feeling you can't picture me using one.  I know, I can't either.

As I stopped to look at the huge display, I realized there were really only two different kinds of selfie sticks to choose from.  The first one was less expensive ($9.97) and had a cord that would plug into the microphone jack on my phone to control the “shutter.”  The second selfie stick was priced at $10 more, and had a Bluetooth connection to the phone to control the shutter, meaning that it would have to be charged.

I weighed the options and picked the one that wouldn't require charging.   I just knew that when it came time to use it, I would find out that it wasn't charged.  The one other option for both models was color, so I picked hot pink which, of course, is my personal color of choice.

I quickly made my purchase and I was actually pretty giddy when I left the store.  I went home, packed the selfie stick in my camper and we hauled the family to mountains to visit my parents at the lake.  Sweet!

I have to admit, I was hoping to have some fun with this selfie stick.  It was a little “splurge” for me, and I don't always go for fad items.  However, once I opened the box, put it together, and inserted my phone, I got a bit frustrated.

Nothing I did would make the shutter button on the handle take a photo with my phone.

  • I tried two different Android apps mentioned in the tiny little manual.  Didn't work.
  • I tried removing the protective case on my phone, thinking that maybe the cord wasn't making a complete connection through the headphone jack.  Nope.
  • I tried several different times to find the solution, but I could never get the shutter button to work.  Without it, the selfie stick makes it really hard to take a selfie!  It extends 39″ out, and if you have to reach in to tap the screen to take the photo, well, that ruins the selfie!

You can see my frustration.

So, that selfie stick was returned.  Will I try again?  Possibly.  I'm not entirely over my disappointment yet, but we'll see if I can find a better one.

Feel like ‘fessing up?  Have you used a selfie stick?  I'd love to hear about it. Just use the Comment box below.

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

2 thoughts on “Selfie Stick Experiment #1”

  1. Christy Walbuck

    Here’s what it comes down to for me: Can I really get the same quality (good) pictures that include everyone by using the selfie stick? Otherwise, I’m a little embarrassed to try one. I did see them while on vacation last week. 🙂

  2. That’s a good question, Christy. Since I’ve recently been “stuck” with only taking photos with my phone, I would think it would be a bit of an improvement. But only if it worked!

    ~ Deb

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