What is Universal Content?

So, if you've looked at any digital content on my CM website recently, you may have noticed what seem to be duplicate packages that are listed as “Universal Content.”

So, what is Universal Content?

These packages are the same digital content packages that you can purchase for use in your Storybook Creator software, but in more universal file formats (like .jpg, .png, etc.)  that can be used in other non-CM software and on Macs.  Hence, the term “Universal” because you can use it in numerous platforms.

So, which should you purchase?  Storybook Creator content or Universal content?

If you're following this blog, chances are, you already use/own Storybook Creator Plus.  In that case, your best bet is to continue to purchase the Storybook Creator specific content.  These packages are marked with symbols indicating they work with Storybook Creator 3.0 and/or 4.0.  The reason that this would be your most valuable option is that the Storybook content is tagged with extras that will benefit you within the program.  CM now pre-tags all of your content so that it's easy to find within the program, doing a lot of extra tedious legwork for you.

However, if you're using another program, the Universal content option, which sports an icon showing an open lock, will give you the same artwork for use in your software of choice.

Hope that answers your questions on that … Until next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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