A Big Thank You, and My First Drawing Winner

A Big Thank You, and My First Drawing Winner

I want to say a big Thank You to all of you who responded to my incentive and placed orders in the second half of February.  If you recall, I offered an entry in the drawing for every $10 you spent from Feb 15-Feb 28 through my Forever link. I had the entries in my...

Potentially Useful Tool For The Font Junkie

Potentially Useful Tool For The Font Junkie

Ok, so if you've read my older posts, you know that besides being a real content collector, I am also a Font junkie.  If it looks cool, I like it. Here's the biggest issue with being a font junkie: when you switch computers, or a computer refresh is necessary, or ......

July CM Catalog Is Now Available

If you didn't get my email, I've decided to post some of my traditioanl scrapbooking information here on Deb's Digital Tips now, instead of on a different site. I do this for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I've been a Creative Memories Consultant, and then an...

How to Easily Add Photo Mats to Your Page

How to Easily Add Photo Mats to Your Page

Question: I can't find where I could add a photo mat. I see customized special mats but I simply want to accent a color on the page with adding color around the photos on the page. Can you point me in the right direction? Answer: Yes, absolutely! (These captures were...

Using The New CM Digital Content With Artisan 5

In the past few years, those of us who have used Artisan since it was Storybook Creator have been silently (and sometimes not so silently) wishing that it were possible to get the digital artwork for the papers and embellishments that the new CM is producing. Now, the...

Why I'm Changing My Thoughts On Cloud Photo Storage

If you read my email on Friday, I have been doing yet more soul-searching this week.  A few months back, you may have read my post where I mentioned that I set up my memory vaults in OneDrive so that they would still be intact if for some reason my computer and my...

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