Simple Start … a Great Building Block

The new Simple Start content CD is one of those great things that you didn't know you always needed.  (Yeah, go back and read that again … I'd probably have to read it about three times.)

Ok, moving on.  What is Simple Start?  It's a collection of fill-in-the-basics templates for use in Storybook Creator Plus 3.0.  What that means is that they give you the template, then you choose what papers, themes, looks you want to apply to it.  Since it's not theme-specific, it's much easier to find the template you like and make it your own.

Now, this isn't to totally dis on the theme-specific template packages.  I've probably got 85% of them loaded into my software … you've probably seen my list.  And those themes are still different from these new ones on the Simple Start CD.  So they still have some life and ease left in them.

But, if you're looking to conserve a little space on your hard drive, or trying to recover from a repetitive scrolling injury, this could really save you.  Give it a try!

So, here's how you use one of these Simple Start templates.  For this example, I'll choose a template from the 12×12 Simple Click & Fill templates.  I chose a collage page … there are quite a few more templates in these sets that have more than 4 photos per page … my favorite.

Ok, so it doesn't look that interesting yet.  But here's where it's both easy and fun.  Now you just add your papers and embellishments.

So, for this example, I'm using the Classic ‘Tis the Season Digital Kit.  First I'll choose a paper for the background and select Make Background.

Next, I would just select another one of the gray boxes (not the ones that say “Drop image here”) and find a coordinating paper.  For these shapes I'll select Fill Selected Shape.

And I'll do that again for the next box …

And I'll do that one more time for the double matted section.

And now all I have to do is add my photo, text and a few extra embellishments, and voila!  The page is completed.

Take this template and adjust it for whatever theme or season works with your photos.  These templates will do the work for you for quite a while.  Enjoy!

(Want to see this in action?  Keep an eye out for Digital University coming up in January!)

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