Quick Tip ~ The Easiest Way to Add Photos to an Artisan Project

Quick TipI came across this quick tip by accident.  I was at a scrapbooking retreat over the weekend (that a friend and I have coordinated for quite a few years now), and needless to say, I was sleep deprived.  The adrenaline and poor food choices kept me from sleeping on Friday night, so on Saturday, I was at less than 100%.

I was in the process of working on a family calendar (that I have almost finished), and I had a monitor hooked up to my laptop so I could have Historian open on one screen and Artisan open on the other.

At one point, I was working through my photos from Christmas to find pictures of different family members to add to birthdates on my custom calendar.  Since I was not quite firing on all cylinders, at one point, I just selected the photo I wanted and dragged it over to an open photo frame on the page I was working on in Artisan.

And it filled the frame!  I was kind of shocked at first.  I hadn't exported it from Historian into Artisan to use it.  I just dragged it from Historian directly to where I wanted to use it in Artisan.  That was so much easier!

I tried it again, and I was able to drag a photo to the calendar cell I wanted to fill.  This was so much more effective than importing photos into Artisan and then scrolling down the Photos list to find what I was looking for.  I worked this way for the rest of the weekend.

The cool thing about this is, working this way ends up making the Artisan project folder smaller because it's not holding all of the extra photos that aren't being used.  Those folders that are added to the photo list can really increase the size of the project folder and the amount of space it takes on your hard drive.

This is probably easiest to do with a dual monitor (or laptop plus monitor) setup, but it's possible to do it split screen on your laptop as well.  It just reduces the amount of visual space you have to work with.

Hope you can give this a try and it makes your day like it did mine!

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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  1. Shawna Spangler

    I can do this also using Artisan on macbook laptop with parallels/windows and going back to get my photos from iPhotos album and click and drag or copy and paste from iPhotos into Artisan. Pretty neat.

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