Ok, so if you've read my older posts, you know that besides being a real content collector, I am also a Font junkie.  If it looks cool, I like it.

Here's the biggest issue with being a font junkie: when you switch computers, or a computer refresh is necessary, or … well, you've probably noted how many “new” installs of Windows I've managed over the years, when these unnatural phenomena happen, all those fun, beautiful collected fonts have to be reinstalled.

It's a huge pain in the butt.  And a great reason to not hoard fonts.

But I still do.

So, probably the most useful way I've found to manage my fonts is FontCloud.  This site is super cool because they'll give you …

  • a place to store all of your hoarded fonts (in case you need to reinstall them after some catastrophic event), AND
  • they give you a really easy way to see WHAT you have, and
  • they show you HOW it will look in your application without the work of just adding it to your project.

The best part is, it's free.  There's no fee for the first 2 Gb of font storage, which goes a LONG way.  My current stash of 270 fonts about fills that up, and if you have more fonts than I do, well, maybe you want to be selective, or maybe you just want to purchase some font storage.  But really, maybe this is just a great tool to really SEE which fonts you really want, and which ones you may be able to let go.

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing.  Even fonts …

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