Oooh … It’s Time To Make Calendars Again!

I apologize right now if I'm a bit of a broken record when it comes to the subject of personalized calendars, but they are SO much better than just a store bought calendar, and Artisan makes them so easy to make your own.  For years, I've made custom calendars for my family and my in-laws.


If you're in the mood to try one yourself, I have a Youtube video I shot last year showing the process with a custom desk calendar that can walk you through the process.  (I am working to shoot a new video this week using Artisan 5, and I'll replace this and let you know if I do.)

My first choice for a family wall calendar is the 12×18 size.  It's pretty big, but if you have the wall space, it's totally worth it.  The top 12×12 portion of the calendar doubles as a scrapbook page you can slide into a book if you want after you are finished with the year.  There's also a smaller version, the 8×12 calendar, that does the same thing with an 8×8 page as the result.  (This is what I give my mother-in-law, since she is more limited on wall space.)

No matter what size you choose, the basic premise is the same.

To make things super simple when creating your calendar, don't forget to check out these new calendar templates that Panstoria has just released.  However, remember, it's also pretty easy to use templates from prior years and tweak the month and/or year with the calendar tool in Artisan.  (Just make sure you remember to update all of the months!)

If you have any calendar questions, please shoot them at me!  Like I've said more times than either of us can count, I LOVE these calendars.  So go make one!

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb


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