One Of My New Favorite Things

Ok, so I use this phrase a lot … one of my new favorite things.  But it's ok to have more than one favorite thing, right?

So, as I get into the Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 Upgrade, I have a lot of cool new Favorites.  Here's one of the best: the new Manage my Content feature.

In case you haven't seen it, the new Content Manager allows you to do more now than just see what packages you have installed.  From this screen, you can:

  • Organize your content packages into folders.
  • Assign keywords to specific embellishments, papers, etc. to find the exact thing you are looking for in your content.
  • Even create your own custom Shape, Edge, Corner or Color.

Organize your content

At first I really didn't know how this would help me, but boy, do I see the value now!  I'm one of those digital content junkies, the ones who anticipate the first of every month and then jump online on the morning of the 1st and check to see what new packages were released.  Yeah, it's that bad.

Well, that addiction has created one little problem.  When I click on the Paper (now Content) tab, I have to scroll through a REALLY long list of content to see what I have and find what I want to use.  But now with the SBC+ Upgrade, I can create folders that make sense to me and by breaking up the long list into these folders, I can substantially reduce my “scroll” time.

Assign keywords

This is another fantastic new feature.  I can now look at the papers or embellishments in my content packages and create new keywords so that I can easily find specific themes or content.  Ok, in plain English … if I'm looking at a paper from the Wishes and Dreams content, for example, and it has stars on it, I can select the paper and then click on the plus sign above the box on the right that says My Keywords.  That will allow me to add a new keyword.  I type in Stars.  I can go and select more papers that all have stars on them and click the check box to add them to the Stars keyword list.  Then, the next time I'm working on a project and I remember that there was this cool paper with stars on it but I can't remember the package, I just click on the Content tab, then click the drop down list and select Search by Keyword at the bottom of the box.  I can type in Stars and all of my star content will pop up, regardless of what package it comes from.

The coolest thing about this? Have you ever had a tough time remembering what some of the title and quote embellishments say?  Now you can give them keywords, so you can quickly come up with Autumn quotes, Baby quotes, Birthday titles, or whatever.

Create your own custom Shape, Edge, Corner or Color

I admit, this is something that I have only played with briefly.  You have to create a folder first that has your My Stuff content in it.  When you click on the My Stuff folder (or whatever you designate it as), you'll see that the icons in the Create section above light up.  Now you can click on the Shape, Edge, Corner, or Color icons and designate your own unique content inside this folder.  The one thing to remember: you aren't able to access this feature if you are within a folder contains commercial content.

I can't really give much direction yet on how to use these features, since I've just stumbled across them.  My advice?  Click and play!  You certainly can't hurt anything, and you just might come up with something cool!

Hope that helps!  Happy cropping!

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