Nice fixes on the most recent Storybook Creator 4.0 update

If you've spent any time with Storybook Creator Plus in the past, you know that there are occasional updates available to fix little things that CM hears about from you.  It's always a good idea to download and install the updates when they become available, because it can save you time, frustration and problems with ordering that project that you have been diligently working on.

If you open SBC+4.0 today, you'll see a message on the right hand side of the Welcome screen indicating that the current update, released on November 18th, fixes some bugs that created problems when ordering 8×8 Storybooks and 8×12 and 12×12 Calendars.  If you have recently created either of those projects, or you're in the process, please make sure you update your software as soon as possible, or you may have difficulty when trying to order your project.

To update your Storybook Creator 4.0 software:

1.  Open Storybook Creator 4.0.

2.  At the bottom of the Welcome screen, click on the link that says Click to check for software updates.  This will take you to the download page for the SBC+4 update.

3.  Close StoryBook Creator 4.0 start the download.

4.  Click on the link that says Click Here to start the download.

5.  Select Run/Open if you want to automatically install the update after download, or Save the update to install at a later time.  If you decide to Save, you must still install the downloaded file in order for the update to be applied.  In most cases, you can do this by simply double-clicking the file and following the prompts.  SBC+4 must be closed for the update to be installed.

Here is what CM says about the fixes and additions with this update:

StoryBook Creator 4.0 Software Update
StoryBook Creator 4.0 is occasionally updated to correct bugs and improve your user experience. At this time, we have made the following update:

  • BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! You can once again right-click on a photo in your project workspace and engage the crop tool.
  • FIXED! Errors when trying to save projects, especially projects started in StoryBook Creator 3.0.
  • FIXED! Issue with the software sometimes locking up when filling elements or group of elements with a paper.
  • FIXED! You can now drag and drop photos from Memory Manager 3.0 to the current page in StoryBook Creator 4.0.  This is awesome!
  • FIXED! Predesigned pages will now appear when creating a smaller project with the same aspect ratio as the predesigned pages.
  • FIXED! The order preview now displays warnings for the cover page of a project.
  • FIXED! The photos used/not used filter now works properly for projects converted from 3.0 to 4.0 format.  I use this all the time and really hope it works now.
  • FIXED! Order and names displayed for packages in the Kit Preview mode of Content Manager now appear correctly the first time the user enters Content Manager.

Hope this little bit helps.  Until next time … Enjoy!

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