My Personal Christmas Gift Picks from Forever for 2022

So, if you subscribe to my email list, you know that Forever has posted a Holiday Gift Guide that's easily accessible from the landing page of the site. If you'd like to peruse that gift guide (which gives you easy links to things you can make in just minutes), here it is:

Forever's Holiday Gift Guide

But, if you'd like a bit more of a walk through than that, here are a few of my personal picks for easy, one-of-a-kind gifts for giving this Christmas. (Plus, if you make these and order during the Black Friday event – November 13-20 – you can add as many of these to your cart as you want and get Black Friday discounts – the best of the year! – with the code BLACKFRIDAY.)

Custom Blanket

This is one of my new favorite things. I know, I seem to say that a lot. But at least where I live, blankets are a big deal. My kids practically wear lightweight blankets around the house when it's cold out, or in the summer when the air conditioning is on, for that matter.

I realized this year that pretty much everyone I know can use a blanket. And if I can personalize a blanket so that's it's special for them, that's the best! And it's super easy to create a blanket with Create & Print directly from the Forever site.

Once you choose Blankets under Design & Print, just choose from one of the pre-designed options and get started!

TIP: If you plan to use photos for your blanket, it's helpful to have them uploaded to your Forever account and added to a temporary Album so you can pull them easily into the project (if you have a lot of photos uploaded).

This is a blanket that I put together really quickly to give to my mother-in-law:


I have made special ornaments for family for years. We now have a collection of family photo ornaments from each year that adorn our tree.

Again, these are super easy to make from the Create & Print link under Design & Print. Just choose the style, add the photo(s) and maybe some text and it's ready to go. This literally takes minutes.

This was one of my favorite ornaments from 2020. That will tell a story for years to come! (So glad that this year's photo won't have masks in it!)

Ornaments don't have to be just for the Christmas tree, by the way. They make great luggage tags and reusable gift tags, among other things.


Ok, puzzles get an exclamation point because I just think puzzles are SO COOL! Forever offers photo puzzle options that are really well-printed and clean cut. They are just beautiful! I have some puzzle lovers in my family circle and some beautiful photos to use for them.

My daughter spent the summer in Yellowstone National Park and took some amazing photos. Since I have access to her photos as her Account Manager for her Forever account (he, he, he!), she doesn't know yet that I made a few puzzles for her to relive the experience.

The one on the left celebrates her adventures with her friends, and the one on the right is a challenging puzzle made from a night sky photo she was able to take of the milky way when she was so far from city lights this summer. She'll love them both.

Other Easy Photo Gift Options

These are just my top three gifts this year, but they aren't the only photo gifts I'm giving. Some of the other things already created and ready to be wrapped are:

Custom drinkware – the frosted glasses are AWESOME! I love the ones I made for my anniversary this year and a few more people on my list will find these under the tree soon.

Calendars – I've made custom calendars for family every year for more than a decade and this year is no exception. I know we all keep our appointments on our phones these days, but for some of us, there is no replacement for a calendar. You can easily make photo calendars in Create & Print. (And if you're an Artisan user, check out my recent post about the cool things you can do with Artisan to create calendars.)

Mouse pads, Photo Books, Magnets, Coasters, Canvas Prints … you name it! All of these things are available for a quick project with just a few photos through Create & Print.

I'll add more fun ideas here soon, but again, wanted to get this out to you sooner rather than later, so here it is!

As I try to mention frequently, answering your questions puts a smile on my face, so please don't hesitate to ask! Enjoy creating!


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