More Fun With Fonts

This is a great little trick to give a decorative font an outlined look.  (Thanks to Senior Consultant Jenny MacKay of Australia!)

To begin with, create a text box on your page and pick a bold, fat font.  I used a font called Cafe Rojo.

Next, go to the Arrange tab and click Flatten.  Then Copy the text and paste a second copy.

Now, find a paper to fill the top text set.  The one I picked is Vintage Romance Paper 7.

You can then either fill the second text set with a darker paper or leave it black.

Now, select both sets of text, click on the Arrange tab and align them horizontally and vertically so that one is on top of the other.  Make sure to move the one you want on top up the Elements list if it's not there already.

Select the top text set and click on the Format tab, then Filters.  Choose Soften Edge and use the slider bar at the top to adjust it to your liking.  Then click Apply.

No just take a look at the finished product and drop a shadow on it if you want to.  (I almost always do.)

Of course, you can always play around a little with it.  Here's a mistake I made when I accidentally dragged the top layer off of the bottom one.

Play around with it, and Enjoy!

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