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For several months I've been thinking about how to squeeze some serious catching-up-on-the-albums time this summer.  After the cropping retreat in April, I realized just HOW FAR I have to go to get caught up on my projects!  And I know that a lot of you may feel that way, too.  I hear it more often than not.

So, I'm hoping to start a series to help you (and me) get more done, even in the nooks and crannies of life this summer.  We  all have camping trips, family reunions and all sorts of events in the summer, but it  IS still possible to find some album time.


Getting Started ~ Finding the Photos

If you already have a project in progress, this part may already be done.  But I would suggest keeping this in mind as you take pictures throughout the summer so that you'll be all set to work on the projects stemming from your current photos when the time is right.

Of course, my  method of getting photos organized involves using Memory Manager 3.0 software.  I have used Memory Manager since it was first released in 2005.  This software has always been a GREAT tool, and just continues to get better and better.  (Hint, hint … a little birdy  tells me that there are improvements expected later this year.  You know I'll keep you posted!)

Import photos from your  camera/memory card

If you're using Memory Manager 3.0, the first big thing you need to do is import your photos.  If this is the only thing you do after every camping trip, weekend excursion or what have you, at the very least you'll have your photos already organized by date and you'll easily be able to find them.

Rate your photos as soon as you import them

One other thing I like to do when I first import the photos from my memory card is to just take a few minutes to scroll through the images and rate the ones that I think I'll use.  You can make your rating system more complex, or just simple.

You have the option to rate each photo from one to five stars.  I know that some people do use different star ratings to narrow down how good the photo is.  To tell you the truth, I keep it really simple.  When I scroll through my photos, if it's a photo that I think I'll use, or at least contemplating using, I rate it with 3 stars.  If it's not a photo I will probably use, I don't give it any stars at all.  On a RARE occasion, if I really think it's a good shot, I'll rate a photo with 4 stars.  This is just my way of doing things … you find a rhythm that works for you.

You may be wondering why I don't just delete the photos that I don't rate.  I know that there are folks who will recommend that, and I can understand that recommendation.  Deleting the not-so-great shots frees up space on your hard drive and de-clutters your photos.  Me, I have a difficulty letting go of all but the worst photos.  If it's obviously blurry or of nothing in particular, I will delete it.  But I never want to regret deleting one.

So, that's where I would start.  If the minimum you do this summer get the photos into Memory Manager and rate them, you are on your way.

I'll be posting more on this process in the coming days … until then, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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