how to create and save a quick graphic in Artisan 6

Artisan 6 is awesome for a lot of things. Back when the software first came out, I remember making quite a few 4×6 postcard-style images and prints for use for family parties and whatnot.

Today we tend to just shoot the image via text, chat or another social graphics platform, but the concept is the same and the creation process is pretty much the same, too.

To start, you will create a new Project in Artisan.

Create New Project

For the type of Project, select Custom Size.

Select Project Type

If you don't already have the right dimensions saved, click New custom size and click Next to make your image the size you want.

Once you save the dimensions you want, click Save.


On the next page, I usually chose Blank for this type of project, but if you have a specific template you would like to use, you can choose that here. Click Next.

Now just name your project and click Create.

That's the next step: it's time to create that graphic!

When you have your new image/graphic created to your liking, go up to File in the top left corner.

Save As

From the File menu, click on Save as. Then choose Export current page and click OK.

how to save as JPG

Give your new image a File name and then use the dropdown at Save as type: to select JPG (or PNG). Both of those are image files that will be easy to send to others.


This is the last step – I promise! A box will pop up so you can choose the resolution for your image. If you will print it, you want to leave it set at 300 dpi. But if you will only share it on your phone or screen, it can be less than that and the image file size will be a little smaller. For images I share online or on my phone, I usually save them at 200 dpi which is still good, but not print quality resolution.

Once you choose that, click OK and the file is saved! Now all you need to do is drop it in your text/chat or whatever you plan to do with it.

Hope that helps! Let me know if it brings up questions.


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