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How To Clean Up Content Tags in Artisan

I have been meaning to clean up my Content Manager in Artisan for a while.  But it's one of those things that gets put on the back burner and I still haven't done it.

So I'm very glad that Mendy asked me this question today because I can explain how to fix a messy bunch of tags in the Content Manager.

Back when Storybook Creator 2.0 first came out and we could start tagging our content, it was awesome.  We all jumped on board and tagged all of our content in so many ways, and it was awesome.  (I know, I already said that.)

And then, Creative Memories started tagging content before they sold it to us, and sometimes, the tags were similar, so we had two that were nearly the same.  Like “black and white” or “Black and White.”  Or, one was singular and another was plural, like “Title” and “Titles.”

So now we have a long, scrolling list of tags and it's not really an organization method anymore.  It's just another messy, complicated way of finding content.  And that's not really useful.

It's SO easy to fix this!

Deleting Extra Tags

Open your Content Manager and click on Tags to expand the list.

For this example, I have one tag called “button” and another called “Buttons.”  To determine which one I want to get rid of, I need to see which one has the smaller set.

When I click on the “button” tag, this is what I have:


and when I click on “Buttons” this is what I have:


So, I'm going to make sure the content in “button” is also in “Buttons”. To do this, select the “button” tag to display all of the content tagged with “button.”

From this screen, click on the first piece of content and hit ctrl+A to select all of the buttons on the screen.  You'll notice when you do that that a list shows up on the right hand side with all of the Tags with checkboxes in front of them.  The “button” tag is selected.

button to Buttons

To change the Tag from “button” to “Buttons,” all you have to do is uncheck the checkbox in front of “button” and then make sure to check the box in front of “Buttons” to add it to that list.

So now, if you click on the “button” tag, there's nothing that will show in the Content tab.  But the “button” tag still shows in the list.

The second step to this process is to delete the now un-used “button” tag.  To do this, all you have to do is right click on the un-used tag “button” in the tag list on the left and select “Delete.”

Delete empty tag

Voila!  That's all there really is to it.  Now you have one less Tag in the list.

I'm ready to go clean up my list because I prefer to use Tags to find my content.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “How To Clean Up Content Tags in Artisan”

  1. Hi, Meg.

    Sorry for the delay … I have had some issues with my site.

    To delete the entire content file, on your C: drive, go to Users, then Public, then Public Documents and you will find a folder called Commercial Art Kits. All of the content that Artisan looks for is grouped in that folder and will be removed if you delete it. If you may want it in the future, you can always move it from this folder to storage and restore it later.

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