The title says it all … I have encountered this difficulty initially when I started using Memory Manager 4.0, and I've talked with some of you who have been confused by the new way of finding their vaults when switching from one to another.

So, I created a quick (less than 3 minute) video post about how to find your other memory vaults in Memory Manager 4.0.  If you prefer to read about it, just look below.


In Memory Manager 3.0, it was possible to click on the icon that said Open another vault on the Welcome screen and see this:

Screenshot of Open Vault dialog box in Memory Manager 3.0


From there, you could easily click on one of the recent vaults listed, or browse out to a different location if it wasn't on the list.  For most folks, this little list was fine and made it simple to toggle between vaults.

Memory Manager 4.0 still offers both of those capabilities, but they aren't in exactly the same places.

If you want to toggle between recently opened vaults, while on the Welcome screen, go to the File tab on the top left.

Open Vaults from File tab

In the open box, the recently opened vaults are all right there.  And, if you don't see the one you're looking for in that list, you can still click on the Open icon and get the usual dialog box to allow you to browse your computer to find your vault.

Dialog box to open alternate vault

You can also find this dialog box when you click the Open another vault icon on the Welcome screen.

One hint when opening your vaults this way: only click once on the vault icon and then click Select.  If you double click, it won't work.

Browsing for another vault

That should do it.  Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb