Getting Started with Memory Manager 4.0

FINALLY! I've been hoping to post this for weeks, and I finally have the first, very basic video post on getting started with the Memory Manager4.0 upgrade.

If you've already been using Memory Manager in the past, your vaults will all have to be converted to the upgraded format in order to access them in Memory Manager 4.0.  It's a very simple process, which I've detailed in a short 2+ minute video here:

If you don't have the ability to watch the video right now, here's the quick synopsis.

  • Open Memory Manager 4.0.  (This is assuming that you have already installed and activated the upgrade.)
  • Click on the icon in the ribbon at the top that says “Open another vault.”
  • A dialog box will open allowing you to show the program where your vaults are stored.  Browse to the location of the vault you wish to open and click “Select Folder.”**
  • A pop-up box will appear warning you that upgrading your vault will make it inaccessible in the previous version. Since there's really no point in keeping the previous version now that you have upgraded, it's ok to click Yes.MM4 Pop Up
  • The next pop-up box asks if you want to enable facial recognition.  This is on of the cool new features to Memory Manager 4.0, and unless your whole vault is full of landscape photos (or you don't care who the people are), I would click Yes.MM4 Pop Up
  • After this, Memory Manager will convert your vault and that's it!  You're all ready to go.
  • (optional): If  you don't have need for Memory Manager3.0 (or whatever earlier version you have installed), you can safely uninstall that program at this point.  There is really

** I recommend storing all of your Memory Vaults in a designated folder within the Pictures/My Pictures folder. When I've experienced hard drive crashes in the past and my vault was located elsewhere, the techs who recovered my data only salvaged files in the default/usual places. I had to make an extra call after my new hard drive was installed to beg them to retrieve my pictures.  Hence, I HIGHLY recommend keeping your vaults stored within one of these default (logical?) folders.

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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