Getting It Done ~ Using the Album Planner in Memory Manager ~ Part 2

Here’s the promised Part 2 on using the Album Planner feature in Memory Manager 3.0.  In Part 1, we talked about how to get your chosen pictures into the Album Planner.  Now we’ll talk about what you can do with them to maximize the effectiveness of this tool and save money by preventing over-printing of your photos.


Organizing on the Page

Now that the photos have been pre-filled onto the pages, you can easily rearrange which ones appear in which slot simply by clicking and dragging.  If you have a photo that was taken portrait style and it’s pre-filled in a landscape slot, just left click and hold, and drag it over the slot you want it to occupy until the slot is highlighted.  Then release.  The two photos will swap spots.


Cropping Photos

It’s super easy to crop photos to fit within the album planner.  I absolutely love this feature.  All you have to do is click on the down arrow on the right side of the photo and select Crop.

Your photo will pop up in a photo editor box with the right orientation for that specific slot as the default.  So, if you have a landscape/horizontal photo  in a portrait/vertical slot, you can crop it to become a 4×6 portrait photo.

The cool thing about this, too, is that the photo is only cropped and edited for the sake of this particular album.  The original photo in the Media Library is still as it was.  For this reason, if you want print your photos to slide into the album, do it from the Album Planner screen to preserve your crops.


Leaving an Empty Slot

If you like to use the pre-cut papers and journaling boxes from Creative Memories’ Album Kits (which is what I generally do), you can plan for leaving a slot for your journaling boxes by right-clicking on the photo and selecting Insert an empty space.


Creating a Journal Box

If you prefer to type your journaling instead of handwriting it, you can create a custom journaling box within the Album Planner screen.  The neat thing about this feature is that you can upload the journal box you create with your photos and it will be printed just as if it were one of your photos.  You can modify the font, the borders, colors, anything you can do with a regular text editor.


Editing, etc.

You can also edit your photos from the Album Planner screen just as if you were in the Media Library.  Just right-click and select Open and the editor window will pop up.  When you’ve finished, just click the “x” on the editing window (not the “x” for the whole program!) and it will take you back to the Album Planner.

There’s probably a whole lot more you can do from this screen, but with just these few tips, you can get far!  When you’ve worked through all the pages and things are as you want them, you’ll want to upload your photos to print from this screen.  You can do this one of two ways …

Click on Online in the Print portion of the ribbon above, and either choose to print them at the CM Digital Center (where they will come back to you in the correct order to slide them into the album), or you can select another online provider.

Or, if your online provider doesn’t cooperate, you can export your album to File and then upload from there.

I hope this has helped.  Please let me know if you have further questions about it.  Until then, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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