Getting it Done This Summer – The Next Step

So, we already discussed getting your photos organized, hopefully as soon as they make it off of your memory card.  Now, let's talk about squeezing in some project time.

Obviously, your style  of scrapbooking is going to dictate what you do next.  Here are some of the available options as you decide what kind of project you want to create.


Purely Digital ~ The Storybook

If you are purely digital, you'll be moving those photos into a Storybook project to get them onto the page.  If this is what you're planning, my favorite way to get the project started is with the Auto-Populate feature in Storybook Creator.  You can read a post I did on that here.  The post was done using Storybook Creator 3.0, but is very similar in 4.0.


Purely Traditional ~ The Scrapbook

If you're a traditional scrapbooker, you'll need to choose which photos you want to upload and print.  When I'm working on a traditional album, I generally start by narrowing my photos down to those 3-star rated picks in Memory Manager and then upload them to a local developer where I can pick them up.  You can also upload them to a web-based company (like Snapfish) and have them mailed.  Just keep an eye out for the better deals.  I know that locally there are frequently coupons in the Costco book for discounted prints.


A Little Bit of Both ~ The Picfolio

If you like to use a combination of digital and traditional, while still keeping it simple, the Picfolio album is a fabulous choice.  I have used this style of album for my family books for the past several years.

To use the Picfolio effectively, you'll have to plan things out to determine what photos you will print as 4×6, and which ones you'll make into an 11×14 collage.   Memory Manager has a tool specifically designed to help you plan each photo you will slide in to the 11×14 sized multi-pocket pages.  I can't believe that I haven't written a post on this yet, because it is the ONLY way to use these books, in my mind.  You can visualize it all, then print and slide it in exactly as you planned.  So, watch for this to come up in my next post.

The Picfolio option actually has another twist this year since CM has created multi-pocket sleeves for a 12×12 Picfolio, which lets you slide  your photos in, or create 12×12 page prints or even traditional pages to slide into it.  With that book, you can do it almost any way you like.


One last thing to keep in mind …

Whichever style you choose (and if you have more than one project to do, who says you have to choose just one?), there is one big thing you need to keep in mind if you want to make progress this summer.  You need to either find somewhere to leave your traditional supplies out where you can access them, or make it easy to pick up and work a little bit often.  If you're doing things digitally, you need to make a point of opening up your software and doing a little bit on a regular basis.

This may mean opening Storybook Creator every evening with the resolve to do one page.  Or it may mean leaving your traditional scrapbook open and adhering one page a day or spending five minutes to journal as you pass by.  It doesn't have to be daily, but you need to resolve to just do a little bit at least several times a week.

What is the style for you?

I'll put up that album planner post as soon as I can.  (And I promise to make my next post prettier …) Until then, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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