Getting Familiar with Memory Manager 4.0

Welcome back!  Now that I'm getting a chance to get comfortable with the new Memory Manager 4.0 upgrade, let's take a stroll through a few of the things that may look a little different to you.

One thing to keep in mind: this is still the Memory Manager that you've come to know and love.  If you already use Memory Manager in a way that's comfortable for you, you will have no problem simply installing the upgrade and getting to work.

For a few of the differences, here's a quick video outlining the new look to the Home ribbon.


If you don't have the time to watch it, here's the synopsis:

In the My Media Library tab, the first ribbon at the top is always the Home ribbon.

It's conveniently divided into several segments.  I'm purposefully skipping the smaller segments, as they will get their own posts.

The FIND Segment

This section encompasses some earlier features and some new ones.

  • The first icon is Faces, which is definitely new.  I want to delve into this one more at a later date, but in a nutshell, you can choose to search through your photos by the faces in them from this icon.  It will also bring up pictures that you have previously tagged with that individual, even if you haven't used facial recognition for those photos.
  • The second icon is Ratings, which is just another way to narrow your search based on star ratings you have already given to your photos.  I always try to go through my photos when I upload them from the camera and give them quick star ratings so I can easily weed out the ones I probably won't use.
  • Media Type lets you quick select just photos, audio files or videos in your vault.
  • Print Track is a feature that has always been in Memory Manager, it just moves around a bit.  This is a great feature to keep up with if you want to keep track of the photos you've already printed and have a handy way to know which ones you still need to print.  If you're like me, I use more pictures in Storybook Creator projects than in traditional scrapbooks, so I don't really follow the Print Track.
  • The Search icon will search within the vault for any word or phrase that you've applied to either title your photos or in the Tell the Story section.
  • Dates is a shortcut way to choose a specific time period to search.  This has always been my most used way to find things … and now there's a nice new shortcut.  Woohoo!

Get Media

The other segment I wanted to touch on is the Get Media section.  This one looks a lot like it did in the past …

  • Just like before, there's an icon for retrieving photos from your Camera, your Scanner, or other Files on your computer.
  • Search Computer will look for photo files on your computer.  Plain and simple … just tell it where you want to look.
  • Watched Folders is set up to activate when it recognizes that photos have been uploaded to folders you designate.  So say, for instance, you take photos with your phone, this feature will let you know when new photos are available in that folder to import into Memory Manager.
  • Other is a new feature that allows you to link to Flickr, Facebook or Picasa to bring photos into Memory Manager.

As always, there's so much more that can be said.  That's the thing that always ensures there are more posts coming.  :0)

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

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