Getting Excited …

Quick Update:

I know things have been a bit quiet lately … mostly because Creative Memories has gone dark, if not offline, to retool.  But the new company is coming!

Ahni & ZoeConsultants got a glimpse into the new company this week, and although I've been so loyal to the Creative Memories products I knew and loved for over eleven years, I have to say, I'm getting excited!

With the little bit I've been shown, I can see that Creative Memories is really trying to make preserving your photos and memories as quick, simple and easy as possible for all of us who are so much busier today than we were even ten years ago.  I can't wait to get to share things with you.

However, this does not mean that I'm letting go of my Memory Manager and Storybook Creator software.  I had such a great time working with both to complete the final projects that I had printed by Creative Memories, and I won't let go that easily.  Maybe I just need to do a little “retooling” with this site …

Please stay tuned … and ask me any questions you have!  I want to help.

~ Deb

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