Easy, Personalized Flip-Calendar

I love this time of year because it's so fun showing some of the not-so-obvious things that can be made with Storybook Creator Plus 3.0.  Today, I'm sharing a little project that I actually use daily on my desk at work.  It's a simple flip calendar using one of Creative Memories' Picfolio Minutes albums.  I use this album because it holds a 4×6 photo and folds out to stand up on its own.

The fun part is how easy it is to make the calendar inserts for this album in Storybook Creator Plus 3.0.  You'll start by creating a new 4×6 Landscape project.  Once you are in the project, go to the Insert tab and look for the Calendar icon on the far right of the ribbon.

Once you click on this button, you'll get a shaded insert box, just like if you were inserting a text box on the page.  You'll want to drag the corners of that box to fit whatever space you want filled by the calendar.  I want it to fill most of the available space, so this is what mine looks like:

Once you click on the Create button, POOF!  There's your calendar, filling the page.

Now, that's cool and all, but what about the birthdays and special events you want to remember throughout the year?  Next, I slide a photo of the person I want to remember on their special day.  Here's how it's done:

Right click on the block for the date that you want to insert a picture into and select the first option at the top – Edit Calendar Cells.

Once you get the pop up box, you'll notice a couple of links on the right.  Click on the one that says Add an image to this cell.

Now you can browse out to your photos on your hard drive and select the one you want to insert.  Once it is inserted, all that is left is to crop it to fit the cell.  Do this by clicking on Crop this image and it will bring up a box the same size as the calendar block.  Just slide the box up or down to include the portion of the photo that you want to show.

Now, just slide a paper into the background, decorate any way you wish, and it's done!  Enjoy!

(Check back … I'll have another tutorial on changing other elements of the calendar page.)

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  1. Do you know where to purchase the album in your photo? I got mine from Creative memory, but I don’t see it there anymore.

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