What Do I Choose? Basic or Advanced?

One of the first questions you'll encounter with Storybook Creator Plus 4.0 is Basic? Or Advanced?

What does that mean?

Will I have fewer options if I choose Basic?

Will I be overwhelmed if I choose Advanced?

What's the right choice for me?

Don't let this question intimidate you.  It's all mental anyway.  Here's what it's actually asking you:

Do you usually use mostly the same basic tools on your tabs?  Or do you like to get down and dirty, using every possible tool and option available to you?  How many options do you want to have available while you're working?

Really, this is all that it's asking.  And it's not even a permanent choice.  If you start in Basic mode, for instance, and you want to use a tool that's only shown in Advanced mode, all you have to do is click the little drop down box in the top right corner and choose Advanced.  It doesn't impact your project at all.

And just so you understand, the items on the tabs in either Basic or Advanced modes aren't that much different than what you have used in Storybook Creator Plus 3.0.


Or …


I'll be back to show you some of the things that HAVE changed … for the better!  In the meantime …



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