Changes Coming For Our Software and What You Need To Do Now

You may have heard already about Creative Memories' bankruptcy filing and been wondering how this will impact your use of the software.  We haven't had a lot of information recently on that, but last Friday CM did release some updates for us in that regard.  Not everything is well-defined or definite yet, so please keep checking back.

Here are a few answers and action steps you should make time to do soon:

  1. First of all, YES, your software is still usable going forward.  It will not cease to work for you on August 21, September 23 or any other pre-determined date.  There is a possibility that there will continue to be updates and support for it after that date, just not from Creative Memories.  That is still being determined, so there are no further specifics at this time.
  2. The CM Photo Center/Digital Center will continue to take orders until September 23rd.  So any Storybooks or other digital projects you have in the works must be completed and ordered by that date.
  3. It's a good idea to make sure that your software, both Memory Manager and Storybook Creator, are updated.  The current versions of the software are listed below.  (To find out which version of the software you have currently, click on the question mark icon in the corner and select About.)
    * Storybook Creator 4.0 – 4.0.4728
    * Storybook Creator 3.0 – 3.0.3950
    * Memory Manager 4.0: 4.1.4780
    * Memory Manager 3.0: 3.0.3691
  4. Whether your software is up-to-date or not, you'll want to back up the files necessary to reinstall your software in the future.  The last day you'll be able to download the full software or the updates is September 23, 2013.  To back them up, pick the appropriate version of your software and use the link below:
    Memory Manager 4.0
    Memory Manager 3.0
    Storybook Creator 4.0
    Storybook Creator 3.0
  5. To download and backup these files:
    – Click on the appropriate link above
    – Select your backup location to save it to
    – Make sure you know WHERE you saved it!
    That's all there is to it.  Just make sure you save the activation code with it.
  6. If you have uninstalled/un-activated versions of either Memory Manager or Storybook Creator, you'll want to get those activated no later than September 23, 2013.  We don't know now whether those will be able to be activated past that date.
  7. To backup you Memory Vault(s), you've hard before that I always recommend creating a Shadow Copy as the best form of backup.  In my experience, it recreates the vault more cleanly, when needed.  However, if you need to just make a copy of your vault as a backup, you can copy the entire Memory Vault folder to another backup location.  You will need to know where your Memory Vault resides, which is the Documents/My Documents folder by default, but may be different if you designated a different place when you set it up.
  8. Storybook Creator and Memory Manager aren't the only things you need to consider.  All digital artwork will only be available for download from my site through August 21, 2013.  So if you have been waiting to purchase content, the waiting is over.  That is the absolute last day to purchase content for use with Storybook Creator.
  9. Likewise, if you still need to download artwork you have purchased previously, the last day to access your account for the download links and activation codes is August 21, 2013.  You can also get to your account here.  If you need help backing those up, please comment below or contact me.
  10. Don't forget to use the feature in your Storybook Creator software to back up all your activation codes.  It's handy and quick.  Just make sure you know where the .txt file is when you're done.
  11. The last thing to remember, all product codes will (for Storybooks, calendars, etc) will expire no later than September 23rd.

That's the gist of it.  Ask me questions, I'll do the best I can.  Let me know how I can help!

~ Deb


12 thoughts on “Changes Coming For Our Software and What You Need To Do Now”

  1. Deb,
    What is the usefulness of the programs running after Sept 23 if we can no longer order projects. I have the digital version, and am in the middle of a very long project. If I can no longer order the project I am working on, what is the use of having the product? Is this just a large waste of money?
    Not sure what to do,

  2. That’s a really valid question, Staci. My understanding is that they are working on a solution that will allow us to print our projects from the software going forward. It just hasn’t been settled who will be offering these services. I do anticipate that we will know more information on this before September 23rd. Personally, I still plan to use my software. I’m just waiting to see what the final solution is.

    There is more than one way to get a book printed. I would encourage you to continue with your project, and if printing the book isn’t completely seamless (which I think it will be), there are ways to work around it to get the book printed elsewhere. I would be happy to walk you through that if there’s a need when the time comes.

  3. Crumb! I was under the impression that the digital part of the company wasn’t being affected by the bankruptcy. When I used my club credits to purchase digital embellishments I didn’t download them right away. Now I am not able to access the link. What do I do now?

  4. Kathleen, you can still log in and download them now (through September 23rd). Just go to, and click on the link to sign in up at the top right. But you need to do it quickly!

  5. I keep reading that if you have your codes you are okay. Well, I am not okay since my windows needed to be reinstalled. I have the mm2 cd, mm3 upgrade and mm4. I have all 3 codes and they are all useless. I am very disappointed because I have invested a good amount a money in CM products and I feel you should of supported your customers better. You could of at least left the download links for Memory Managers 3 & 4! Why do I need to pay another company again for something I already own and where is my discount if I am a transferred customer?

  6. Hi, Linda.

    I’m sorry to hear that getting your software reinstalled isn’t working. Are you saying that you need the download link or the software to install so you can use your codes? Or do you have that and the codes aren’t working? I’d like to try to help if I can, whether it’s getting the download to you, or contacting Panstoria to help get things resolved. It may not seem like it, but I can feel your frustration and I really would like to help if I can.

    As far as having to pay another company, I don’t know for sure yet that you’ll have to do that, or whether there will be an incentive. I am still using MM4 and SBC4 right now, and don’t plan to change that unless I really have to.

    Please let me know what I can do to help and I’ll see what I can do.

    ~ Deb

  7. Hi, several years ago I bought a downloaded version of Memory Manager, 3.0. Since then, my computer was change out, and I lost the download. I still have the registration numbers. Is it possible to still get a free download of 3.0. Can anyone help out on this? Thanks.

  8. Hi, Anne. I did back up my downloads, and I’d be happy get something to you. Could you please email me at deb[at] and I can send it to you on disc? You want to get it reinstalled and activated before the end of the year. At least, that’s what I understand.

    ~ Deb

  9. Hi Deb, thanks so much for your web site. I was nervous about downloading the update for MM4, as I didn’t know if I would have a problem with the download. Now I think maybe I should have downloaded this. With my life of photos on MM4, i wonder what I should do. I am even having problems creating a new complete backup. Help! Does anyone have the instructions for backing up from start? Also, i have the original disks. Is that enough if I need to put on another computer?

  10. Hi, Kate. Not to worry!

    If you need to, I think you can use your original disks to reinstall on a new machine. And the absolute best way to make sure you have a complete backup that would be easy to restore from is to create a shadow copy. I’ve restored full vaults for others and myself multiple times from the shadow copy, and it’s the easiest way to do it.

    If you don’t have access to a backup drive to accomplish that, there is a way to mark your full vault for backup and backup to multiple DVDs or CDs, but that will take longer do and longer to restore.

    I’m going to set up a Skype group this afternoon for this site, and if you want to continue the conversation or get chat help walking through the process, make sure you check back to the site or sign up for the email list. I’ll put the word out as soon as I have it set up.

    ~ Deb

  11. I have MM2 that I had been using and was activated, I have a new computer now and was just thinking I could install it and transfer my files. I cannot activate it- It gives me a number to call but that is just a fast busy signal. Any ideas. I don’t really want to re-purchase, am I out of luck?

  12. Hi, Sheila. Unfortunately, I believe CM quit supporting MM2 when MM4 came out, or close to that time. And the number probably doesn’t work because CM is no longer in business. Unfortunately, most software does become obsolete as operating systems change and more updates are made.

    You don’t have to lose your vaults and all of your organization. The Historian software that Panstoria offers is MM4 with a different name, and it will recognize your vaults (plus it has facial recognition, which can really save some time with tagging).

    Wish I had other news for you …

    ~ Deb

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