Forever Just Had Their National Convention, and Now There Are Tons Of Specials To Check Out

Forever Just Had Their National Convention, and Now There Are Tons Of Specials To Check Out

That was a huge subject line for me, so hopefully this hasn't ended up in your Spam folder. I just wanted to be really clear why this email is worth opening.

I'm kind of sad that I didn't make it to the convention this year, because I am so excited about Forever has to offer. (I think you've probably picked up on that by now!) But, they are sharing the love with a bunch of deals that run from now through the end of August. If you've read enough and you want to check it out right now, just head to and click on DEALS on the top. (That's my affiliate link … if you click on it and sign up or purchase something, you'll be designating me as your Ambassador. You can change that any time, or you can choose your own Ambassador at checkout.)

Forever After Party Sale

The first REALLY COOL thing about this sale is that ALL print products are 25% off through August 31st. PERFECT time to get started on early Christmas gifts, PLUS, you actually HAVE enough time to complete the project before the sale ends. I'm shifting gears right now.

Ok, my apologies for yelling in that last paragraph, but I was just really excited. :0)

The second cool thing, both software packages and a lot of new content are also 25% off. So if you've been waiting to upgrade or jump on Artisan or Historian, this is a great time.

But my absolute FAVORITE part of the sale?

Permanent Storage is on Sale, too!

Yea, you knew this was coming. Permanent Storage is on sale for the rest of the month, too. I'm about ready to need more storage, and I think I might be jumping on this one. Forever just upgraded their storage accounts and photos are now a little easier to find, and they are loading faster. There are a few more tweaks coming soon, but I'm finally at the point where I'm working from my Permanent Storage first, and then Historian is my secondary organization. (Partly because I don't access my photos from only one computer anymore.)

Hope you are having a FABULOUS month, and let me know if you have any questions!

Saved By The Permanent Storage Account

Saved By The Permanent Storage Account

I sometimes feel like a broken record when it comes to my Permanent Storage account, but there's good reason for that.

Today, my husband asked for a photo of a project he built for my kids back in 2009.

“Oh, yeah.  I can get that for you.”  And off I went to my laptop to open Historian …

and then I realized that I split my vault in half last year and my current vault on my laptop starts at 2011.

So, I went to my backup drive to open the everything-up-to-2010 vault.

And it told me that it wasn't a valid memory vault.


Hmmm.  Well, ok … time to restore it from the shadow copy then.

Ok, Not my favorite message.  I'm not in panic mode at this point, because I know a way to recover that shadow copy, but I have to move it to a different drive.  (Long story.)  And unfortunately, one of my two other externals recently died (the one that has my regular backup for my laptop) and the other is currently almost full because I've been backing up all of the computers for my family members to it.

So, what did I do?

Ok, I know … dumb question, right?

Of course, I logged into my Forever Permanent Storage account, looked up 2009, scrolled down and found that photo in no time.

And since Forever has things triple backed up for me, I'm not that worried about it.  (I am not going to quit using Historian because I still want local copies of my photos … for those times when I have no internet access or just don't want to be connected to the internet.)

Speaking of Forever, if you have an account, you may have noticed a little down time this past week.  They have worked hard recently to upgrade a lot of things, and if you haven't been back in the past few days, it's worth a look.  If you don't have an account, signing up for a free 1 Gb storage account is a great way to give it a try.  All of my phone photos (and my husband's) upload to mine automatically with the free app from Forever, and I love having access to those photos without having to do any more work than that.

Hope you aren't melting this weekend, and have had a chance to Enjoy!

My New System For Historian And Forever Permanent Storage

My New System For Historian And Forever Permanent Storage

So, I know I've mentioned in my last few emails about Forever Permanent Storage that I've been developing a new system for working with Historian and my Permanent Storage account.

In the past month, I've helped three different people move their Historian vaults and Artisan content from one computer to another.  It's awesome that there are ways to easily do that, but it's time consuming.  And it also assumes that the source computer is still in good enough shape to transfer the files.

Just a few weeks ago, I had to install a new hard drive in my own laptop because the old one failed out of the blue one morning.  The computer did not give me any warning, it just suddenly slowed down so much that I couldn't do anything.  I even tried to transfer my Historian vault to an external drive, and after 42 hours, I gave up.  (Mostly because I knew I had an up-to-date shadow copy.  If you are using Historian, you MUST keep your shadow copy current.  It will save your photos!)

This has all really solidified my belief that relying on Historian to organize and store ALL of my photos is not the ideal solution for me.  I have used this system and multiple backup drives for years, but this ALONE is not the best solution anymore.

After using my Forever Permanent Storage account for nearly a year, and then evaluating the size of my vaults and the number of photos I have, I'm switching to a two-tiered approach to my photo management.

First, I use Historian to collect all of my photos.  I work through sorting them at this point, giving the better photos a star rating of 3 or more.  I delete the ones that are blurry or will never be used, and I run the facial recognition as the easiest way to tag the people I want to search for.

And of course, as stated above, I make sure that the shadow copy is updated after I do these things.

My plan is to keep things cleaned up and organized in Historian until I've used the photos I need for the projects pertaining to that year.  Then, I will move them from my “current” vault to more of a storage vault that I can access as needed on an external drive. But removing the ones I no longer need for current projects will make my current vault load faster.

The second tier is my Forever Permanent Storage account. I have watched for specials on permanent storage over the last year or so, and I add storage as I can.  At this point, I have been uploading the better photos from my Historian vault (those ones that I marked with 3 stars or more), and I am learning to curate them in my Forever account.  I love how free this makes me feel.  After so many operating system failures and hard drive crashes over the years, I was not worried one single bit when my hard drive failed last week.  I can just pick up my phone, open my Forever app, and all of my pictures are at my fingertips. I can do the same thing from my iPad (which substituted for a computer for a few days). I can do that from anywhere.  I can even create quick Forever Projects from there when I don't have access to my Artisan software.

The thing I've loved the most is how I don't “forget” to get photos from my phone anymore. The Forever app uploads the photos from my phone when I connect to wifi, so they are automatically saved.  (Yes, I do have to go in and delete the pictures of car parts and polo shirts that I snap at the store to send to my husband, and the photos of error messages I take when my computer acts up.  But that's super easy to do.)

Even after upgrading myself to a solid state drive when my hard drive failed, it still takes some time to load my 29,000 photo vault.  I'm finding myself becoming less patient with load time now because everything else loads so fast.  So you may hear me talk more and more about using the Permanent Storage for all of my storage needs pretty soon, because I see myself thinking more that way all the time.

Have you tried Forever's Permanent Storage yet?

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb

More Thoughts On Forever Permanent Storage

More Thoughts On Forever Permanent Storage

I've heard people mention that the permanent storage offered by Forever has a big price tag for what you get.  But after yet another hard drive failure, and moving numerous memory vaults in the past few months for both myself and others, here's how I look at it now:

If I keep all of my photos on a computer, let's say a laptop, that laptop probably costs between $500 and $1000 when I buy it.  We'll call it $750 for a decent machine.  It may have 1 Tb of storage on the hard drive, which is room for a lot of photos, right?

Of course, we all know that a hard drive will fail eventually, so I get an external hard drive so I can have a shadow copy or backup.  Just a mid-range drive is probably $100 to $150.  Of course, those fail, too, so I either need a second one, or I need to subscribe to a cloud backup service.  There are some great ones out there, and let's say I subscribe to a backup service for a year for $59.

So far, I've paid $750 for the laptop, $125 for an external backup drive, and $59 for the first year of a cloud backup service.  That's $934.  Of course, next year I'll have to pay $59 again to keep up that cloud backup.  (You ALWAYS want to have an offsite backup option.)  And the year after that.  And the year after that.

After this many years, suddenly, the laptop hard drive fails.  I can still sleep easy because I have a shadow copy on my external drive and my cloud backup, so I pick up another laptop for let's say another $750, and I pay $50 for the computer guys to try to recover my files from the old hard drive.  So this year I've tacked on another $859 to my running total, but I still have my photos.

Next year, the external drive quits working.  It's just a hard drive, too, and they have a limited shelf life.  Now I need to shell out another $125 for another external drive.  And the $59 for your cloud backup service, of course.

Do you see where we're going?  Just over a five year period, according to this scenario, I've already paid $2,095 for the equipment to keep my photo files protected.  And this is just five years.

Let's look at the Forever alternative:

Forever Permanent Storage is meant to be a permanent digital home for your photos.  The base guarantee for the permanent storage account is your lifetime plus 100 years.  But really, that's meant to be their minimum guarantee.  They intend to make it last for as long as possible.

Currently, you can store full resolution images in .jpg, .png, .tiff and .pdf formats.  My understanding is that they are hoping to add video and audio files to your permanent storage options in the future.  Plus, part of the Forever Guarantee is future file conversion, meaning that they promise to migrate your digital files to new file formats in the future to keep them compatible with whatever file types are available.

Forever is also concerned with backup.  They make sure that all of your content is triple backed up and encrypted.  Your access always remains private, and you can share access to friends and family as you wish.  Forever will never sell access to your photos or data mine them to sell you something else.

The starter permanent storage account is 10 Gb for $19 a month for one year, or $199 for the one-time payment option.  This initial starter cost mainly goes into Forever's endowment fund to maintain the permanence of the systems securing your photos over time.  But once you pay for it, you are never charged again for this storage space.  You “own” it.

After that initial starter storage, you can add storage any time you want in 10, 50 or 100 Gb increments.  Or, you can jump to 500 Gb more or even 1 Tb.  Here's the thing: I currently have 200 Gb of storage that I have accumulated over time that is only 31% full and holds 38,320 files as of today.  I purchased my storage over time, often when there were specials on the one-time payment options, meaning that I saved even more.

At this rate, let's take this just one step further: if you live another 30 years (which I hope you do), the computer scenario could cost you $12,570 to keep and maintain the computers and equipment necessary to maintain your photos and organization.  And that assumes you don't accidentally have a digital snafu that wipes everything out and makes it unrecoverable.  You could purchase about 2 Tbs of storage for that.

Ok, I will recognize that most people use their computers for more than just their photos.  But realistically, in my case, the only thing on my computer right now that I would be upset about losing is not just my photos, but the organization and information I have saved with them.  I can do that, too, in my Forever storage account.

After so much time spent recovering photos and vaults for several people in the last few months, including myself, I am hard at work modifying my photo organization plan.  I love Historian, but I am beginning to love my permanent storage more.  And time is not something I have in unlimited supply.  More to come on this soon.

Hope I've given you something to think about, if nothing else.  I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Until the next time, Enjoy!

~ Deb