The Results Are In

In a follow up to my last post about my experiment printing my most recent photobook with Mixbook, here are my results. First of all, in the spirit of full disclosure, let me tell you.  I am an affiliate for Mixbook, just like I’m an affiliate for Panstoria and the Panstoria Print Shop.  That means

Moving to Historian and Artisan

This has been quite a week for me.  About four days ago, on Saturday evening, my laptop gave me a memory failure warning when I shut it down.  That’s never a comforting sign. On Sunday, I booted it backup again, but every operation I attempted was like wading through quick-set concrete. I’ll spare you the

Want To See Artisan?

I know many of you are curious like I am about what differences, if any, there will be between Storybook Creator and Artisan.  So, I decided to take a look for myself. Panstoria offers free trial downloads of their software.  You can’t export or print projects from the free trial, but otherwise it’s completely functional

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