What is Universal Content?

So, if you’ve looked at any digital content on my CM website recently, you may have noticed what seem to be duplicate packages that are listed as “Universal Content.” So, what is Universal Content? These packages are the same digital content packages that you can purchase for use in your Storybook Creator software, but in

Very Cool New Digital Option For Pages

Ok, I know, I know … I promised more posts, and then I have disappeared for the last two months.  I apologize for that … it has been a bit busy.  Not that that’s anything different than what your life has probably been like in the last two months. There’s one very cool new option

Introducing Storybook Creator Plus 4.0

It’s here!  Storybook Creator Plus 4.0 was released earlier today.  I am very excited about this upgrade, for a lot of reasons.  It will make things more usable for the everyday family photog (a personal slang term I was given on the yearbook staff in high school).  It will make managing your content much simpler. 

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