my recommendations for a phone upgrade

(Updated October 16 2023) Short and sweet: I’m not a fan of purchasing a brand new phone every one to two years, especially from my cell phone service provider. They make it easy, but often that can turn into paying more than you need to, IMO. For years now, I have been purchasing refurbished phones

All About Calendars

Artisan has an amazing calendar tool that has been part of the software almost since the beginning. But I’ve found that it’s a little known tool. Today I’m hoping to help with that. Hold on, this is going to be a long post. How to find Calendar Templates You can create a calendar from scratch

Covering Some FAQs

I realized when I was talking with someone last week, that there are some things about digital scrapbooking that I feel like I’ve covered before, and I always feel that I don’t want to rehash something. Of course, I haven’t sat down and cropped through every single photo and page with each and every one

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