Building Your Family Calendar ~ Part 2

Ok, so you've decided what size you want for your calendar.  The instructions are the same for either size.

To give you an idea why these calendars are so popular with hubbies, let me show you the two that my family had for the year 2010.

The one on the left was something I made for my husband's family with all of the birth dates that we all wanted to remember on that side of the family.  The one on the right was created by my mom for my extended family.  Mom put a lot more time into it, using the Recipe Book digital kit to create fun pages with pictures of members of our family throughout the years at special dinners and in the kitchen.  She also tried to include a hand-written recipe from each family member on one of the pages.

The really key thing about these calendars, according to my hubby, is the bottom portion with the photos of each person on their birth date.  (I showed you the tips for doing this in my post on Easy Personalized Flip Calendars here.)

My kids love that feature, too.  They watch the calendar and remind me just about every morning for a week before someone's birthday comes up.  And I'm definitely the kind of person who can use more than one reminder!

Need more calendar tips?  Please let me know!


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