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Artisan 6 Tips and FAQs

I'm so excited to be using Artisan 6!

But I've found that I have bunches of questions, and you probably do, too.

Here are a few tips I've found so far.  Keep coming back because I'll add more as I have them.

1.  Importing the 15 free Art Kits that come with your Artisan 6 purchase

I was so lost about this when I first purchased my Artisan 6 upgrade.  I thought somehow I had missed adding something to my cart.

But the awesome thing is, Artisan 6 makes content import WAY easier than it has ever been before.

Before you can import content, make sure you have activated Artisan 6.  All you need to activate is to enter your email address and password for your Forever account.  Then the software does the rest. 

Artisan 6 looks pretty similar to Artisan 5, so you don't need to worry about re-learning the software.  Everything you know if where you expect it to be.

Now, click on Manage Content to open your Content Manager.

Import Content - Step 1

Once you open the Content Manager, the one difference you will see is a blue Import Purchased Items button on the top right of the screen.  Go ahead and click that button.

Import Content - Step 2

Now, all you need to do is watch the pop-up boxes and accept.  It should default to adding the content to your Commercial Art Kits folder and for 99.9% of the people I know, that's the best place to put it.  That's where I put it.

The software will now do the rest.  It will download each art kit and install.  You don't need to enter or copy/backup/save any new activation codes.  Any time you purchase new content after activating Artisan 6, the only thing you will need to do is click the blue button and the software will search your Forever account for new purchases, download them and activate them for you. 


2.  When Pages Have Trouble Saving After Converting to Artisan 6

I have had a few projects that I converted from Artisan 5 to my Early Access Artisan 6 installation.  In general, I love how fast the pages load and save in Artisan 6.

A couple of times, though, I've open a project and started working on it, and then I get a screen that looks like it finishes saving, but the cursor is still spinning.  If I try to close the window or program, I see this screen:

Artisan 6 Early Release Saving Error

Then, if I force the program to close and then reopen, I get this pop-up:

Artisan 6 Early Release Recover

One the appropriate .a6proj file is opened, the project opens again in Artisan 6, but then I get the same error when I make changes to a page and start to save.

This is one of those things that will be worked on before the official release, and one of the reasons we got such a great deal on the Early Release version of Artisan 6.  And it's not that big of an issue.  The easiest fix is to create a new project and import those pages into it and keep going.  Then you have a project that started life in Artisan 6 and it works just fine.

To do this …

a. Start by creating a new Artisan 6 project that's the same size as the project you're having trouble with.  I usually just create a project with blank pages.  It loads the fastest, and it makes it easier to bring in the pages I've already worked on.

b. Then, go up to the Add Page icon on the Home ribbon.  In the dropdown, select Using a Page File from My Computer.

Add a Page from My Computer

3. In the dialog box that opens, make sure you are viewing the large icons, then hold down the Ctrl key and select each page you wish to import.  You can select multiple pages at one time this way, then click Open.

Add a Page from My Computer

That's really it.  From here, you may need to rearrange pages, but it should bring them all into your project and you can keep working.

I hope this helps and made some sense!  Please let me know if I can help with anything.


9 thoughts on “Artisan 6 Tips and FAQs”

  1. Hi Deb,

    I’ve just discovered your site and wished I had years ago! I am an Artisan 5 user and am very happy with it. I downloaded the free trial of Artisan 6, but saw so little difference that i’ve decided not to purchase it.

    Knowing that you have it, do you think it’s worth the money? I know there’s very, very little difference in the design of the software, but is it faster processing or some other feature that’s more ‘under the hood’ so to speak? I do understand that it’s much easier importing new content, but I don’t buy content all that often, so it’s not a feature that means that much to me. I look forward to your opinion!

    Thanks so much for your time,

  2. Hi, Maryanne. Thank you for the compliment!

    You know, I’m still so new working with Artisan 6 that I don’t have a full answer yet. I know there are new ways to filter and manage content, but I’ve only just chipped the surface on that. I’ve also found some new filters that I like, but I am still learning what the new bells and whistles are myself. I’m afraid I’m still in the learning process.

    I will do my best to keep updating about this as I learn more. I wish I had something more concrete for you today.


  3. Hi Deb!

    Thanks for reading this. I do have a question about content types. I have some Alpha sets that are seen by Artisan 6 as embellishments. When I want to create a title using an Alpha Set, they’re not available. My question is this: can I edit the content type? I’ve looked on Pixels2Pages and the Artisan help, but I just can’t find anything. I’m afraid this might mean I can’t do it.

    Thanks so much for your time

  4. Hi, Maryanne.

    Can you tell me which alpha sets those are so I can look them up specifically? Then I might be able to help more. To my knowledge there isn’t a way to change the content type of the content, but there were some Alpha sets that were really sold as Shapes rather than Alpha sets. If you can share the name of the content package, I’ll see what I can do to help.

  5. Rebecca Lynn Vandehey

    Hi Deb,
    I too have been an original user of Storybook Creator and Memory Manager. Currently running Historian 4 & Artisan 6. Recently, when I try to open these two programs, I get an error: UNABLE TO ESTABLISH CONNECTION WITH THE ACTIVATION AND SUPPORT SERVICE (500)…and then something about the connection to the internet is bad. I have no issues with my internet, I work from home on this PC. Its like there is a background issue. I tried emailing Historian support, just to get a kick back. Did something happen with the company, anyway to fix this that you know of? I can not find anything online!

  6. Hi. I was wondering if Artisan 6 has a template to make a tri-fold brochure. I currently have Artisan 5, and can’t find it there.
    Appreciate your feedback.

  7. Hi, Hilda.

    There isn’t a native template in Artisan 6 for a tri-fold brochure. You would need to set up a custom project to create something like that. The native projects are typically types that Forever will print, but tri-fold brochures are not one of those project types.

    You could set up a custom project with the correct total dimension and then drop guides to represent the folds.

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